“The trafficking of children within the Philippines by the international mafia is still the greatest challenge we have. Prevention by campaigning and lobbying is of vital importance and rescuing the children from sex slavery and their abusers cannot stop. It’s possible now because we have a safe home where they can be protected and recover fully.”
-Fr. Shay Cullen, Executive Director, PREDA

OneChild youth with child survivors of commercial sexual exploitation and sexual abuse at the Childhood for Children Home, PREDA Foundation, Olongapo City, Philippines

OneChild has been working in partnership with the PREDA Foundation, an organization based in Olongapo City, Philippines. Since 1974, PREDA has been on a quest for justice for Filipinos by providing assistance and empowerment to the poor, and lobbying for fair laws and their implementation to protect children and women exploited in demeaning work, especially prostitution.

Thanks to the fundraising efforts of our WorldShakers and the generosity of our adult supporters, we have funded the construction of a rehabilitation centre for 80 girls between the ages of 11 and 16 who have been rescued from the streets, sex clubs, and brothels.

OneChild youth present Fr. Shay Cullen, Co-Founder of the PREDA Foundation with a cheque for the construction of our rehabilitation centre for survivors of the child sex trade.

The centre is currently being constructed in a beautiful, tranquil rural setting, and will be two storied, featuring a run-around balcony. The home will be equipped with a therapy room, meditation healing centre, skills training centre, a classroom, 2 dormitories, staff rooms, guest rooms, a dining area, kitchen, office, counseling room, a herbal garden, and meditation garden for spiritual renewal. There will also be a semi-independent living area for the older girls, so they can have a private retreat should they need it. The children will receive shelter and participate in counseling services, family therapy, formal/informal education, vocational skills training, alternative income generation, rights education, legal assistance, and leadership training. The victims of child sex slavery will finally have an environment where they can have their self-esteem restored, begin to see worth in themselves, and move toward a life full of love and happiness.

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