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The commercial sexual exploitation of children, and our story along with it, has been profiled across the globe! Check out this section for news coverage and press releases about OneChild.

We’d like to highlight the importance of ethical reporting about the commercial sexual exploitation of children. Ethical reporting means reporting in a way that respects the best interests of child survivors, especially their privacy; refraining from reinforcing stereotypes and preconceived ideas surrounding the issue; avoiding the use of terms such as “child prostitute” or “kiddie hooker”; and avoiding statements about the accused that prejudice their right to a fair trial.

If you are a member of the media and would like to request an interview, please contact us at or 1.905.886.2222

Featured Articles

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Gulf News- Panel discussion on Empowering Adolescent Girls at the Global Education & Skills Forum
Gulf News- Panel discussion on Empowering Adolescent Girls at the Global Education & Skills Forum, Dubai, UAE 16.03.2014

YMCA at Oakville Conference Centre (1)
YMCA at Oakville Conference Centre (2)
The YMCA 21.11.2013

Diasporas@Toronto at The Mosaic Institute
The Mosaic Institute 31.05.2013

Canada’s Top 5 Charities Run By Young Professionals 17.01.2013

LexisNexis Press Release on the launch of “Not in Canada,” a campaign to
raise awareness of the atrocities of human trafficking.

LexisNexis 18.10.2012

24-Hour Famine Fundraiser
Toronto Star 08.03.2012

Starting a charity at 8? Meet the generation taking action
The Globe and Mail 01.02.2012

Young advocates fight human trafficking
CNN 16.05.2011

Launch of First Nationwide Campaign Against Sexual Exploitation of Children in Travel and Tourism
Marketwire 18.11.2010

Cheryl Perera Unveils Horrors of Child Sex Tourism
Daily News 06.05.2008

Young university student fighting against child prostitution happening halfway around the world
Global National 01.04.2008

Youngsters take the helm to combat child sex trade
Financial Times 25.01.2008

Flare Magazine 01.05.2007

A dangerous way to help
Toronto Star 29.11.2005

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