Our Expertise:

Raising Awareness

Knowledge is power. By increasing the knowledge of young people about the reality of child sexual slavery, by dispelling preconceived ideas, and by challenging them to think critically, OneChild motivates those same young people to spread the word in their schools, their communities, and the world.

OneChild has:

  • addressed several thousands in six countries, ranging from local youth groups to the World Tourism Organization’s Taskforce to Protect Children from Sexual Exploitation in Tourism; through keynote speeches, workshops, and panel discussions.
  • participated as speakers and delegates at major national and international gatherings including the Canadian Mid-Term Review for the 2nd World Congress against CSEC, the World Congress III Against the Sexual Exploitation of Children in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • conducted interviews with local activists, and child survivors and their families; met with government officials; and accompanied surveillance teams to child prostitution hotspots.
  • participated in documentaries and worked with various media outlets such as the CBC and CNN, serving as commentators.


“Slavery will not be overthrown without excitement, a most tremendous excitement.”
- W. L. Garrison

OneChild knows the value of advocacy, and has launched national and international youth campaigns that have included petitions and letter-writing components. The WorldShakers raise their voices for those who can’t speak: they shout for justice, and they shout for “what should be,” not “what is,” and challenge policies that keep kids vulnerable to sexual exploitation.

OneChild has:

  • lobbied the travel and tourism industry (particularly key players in the air transportation industry such as Air Canada and American Airlines) to engage in child-wise tourism; and harnessed youth talent to produce two public service announcements in collaboration with Air Canada to sensitize over 20 million passengers to the social, humanitarian, and legal consequences of engaging in child prostitution tourism. The initiative was lauded as a best practice by the World Tourism Organization!
  • responded to legislative issues, through meetings with politicians, letter-writing campaigns, contributions to monitoring reports, and youth presence on the Canadian Senate Committee Against the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Youth.

Survivor Support

OneChild doesn’t just speak about child sexual slavery: We also aim to rescue and heal the victims of this terrible crime. Once exploited children are freed from their slavery, they still face additional problems. Physical and emotional trauma, sexually transmitted infections, and pregnancy are just a few of the pressing concerns that need to be addressed if the victim is to stand a chance of healing and living a healthy life.

OneChild has:

  • partnered with the PREDA Foundation in the Philippines and funded the construction of a home for 35-40 child survivors of commercial sexual exploitation. Here, the survivors will be able to receive rehabilitation and reintegration services from a team of experts. (For more information, click here)
  • supplied child survivors and at-risk children with basic hygiene tools, clothes, school supplies, books and toys.
  • facilitated opportunities for child survivors to hone their leadership potential through conferences and media interviews.